Where do I get my ideas?
Well, I get quite a few ideas from my own life—places I visit (graveyards, forests, cities with interesting architecture, libraries, grocery stores) how I feel (happy, sad, different, ridiculous), what I like to do (sing, read, explore, meet people, speak with a British accent), or the people I happen to be with (family, friends, man on the bus, man-in-the-moon, dogs).

Leanne’s dogs: Bree and Took

What is my favorite piece of writing?
Without a doubt, I love my novel Doggone Tess the most! D.G. Tess is about a twelve-year-old girl named Tess who moves to Canada from the United States and leaves all her friends behind in Illinois. She and her dog Bernard have quite a few adventures—funny, sad, and scary!

I also really like my chapter book Spy Cat! A quirky funny James Bond-spoofing adventure about a dog who wants to be an international cat spy.

What am I writing now?
I’ve just completed a novel tentatively titled Liar’s Song. The main character is Dallie, an eleven-year-old girl who loves to sing and wants to be a singer/songwriter like her father. The story begins when Dallie and her little brother Bean are taken from home in the middle of the night by their mother. They are running away, but Dallie doesn’t know why. They begin life in a new town and must lie about who they are and where they are from. The story is funny and sad and filled with unique characters.

My newest project is super-exciting! A contemporary novel tentatively titled Everygirl. Stay tuned!!

Writing your own poetry or novel?  Have questions?  Need help or inspiration?  Here are a few links to help…

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And finally, I am a proud and loyal Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators member.  Check out the site and see what SCBWI has to offer you!