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This is the time of year when I sometimes find my creative energies dwindling. In order to fend off the specter of the dreaded Writer’s Block looming around every dreary February corner, I often turn to writing poems.

Just to clarify–I am NOT a skilled poet. But somehow, getting a few very meaningful creative words down on paper or up on the screen can help me to throw off any writer’s funk–even a late-winter case.

The last time I needed a boost, I tried writing lyrical free verse character sketches of some of the personalities appearing in my latest novel.

This year I’ve done something different—limericks!

You can’t help but laugh whenever you read (or write!) a limerick. The lilting rhythm lifts your spirit and opens up your mind to creative joy! Try it–you never know…

Here are some sites with examples to help you on your merry way!