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A couple of months ago, I purged myself of most of the way, way, WAY too many blogs I’d been  following. The number of posts I received were overwhelming and I felt my own precious writing time being sucked away as I tried to do justice to the writing of others.

In the end, I kept my subscriptions to just three: 

http://eyespeeledalways.blogspot.com/  : Writer Karin Diamond’s powerful and inspirational chronicle of her amazing life as she battles Hodgkin Lymphoma. I found Karin’s blog after my own cancer diagnosis.  Her words touched my heart and continue to help me immensely.

http://www.teachingauthors.com/  : A creative, smart, and helpful blog by six children’s book authors who are also teachers.  So many times their “Writing Workouts” have made me pick up my pen and have FUN writing.

http://www.darcypattison.com/  : Fiction Notes by author Darcy Pattison is a comprehensive resource for any writer.  Whenever I am in the midst of revising, Fiction Notes seem to provide just the right information.

Three blogs is good, right?  I can handle three.  Three has symmetry.  And I won’t be overwhelmed by posts.  I will stick to three, I decided.

And then, last month…someone commented on my blog…and I visited theirs…


And I thought…OMG, my inner writer self started a blog and didn’t tell me about it!  Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!  Since then I have faithfully read every post by this amazing writer.  Her struggles seem to precisely mirror my own.  I love, love, love this blog!  Honestly.

But then, today, my paragon blogger re-posted an entry from another blog:


It was funny, inspiring…and…oh no!  Now I’ve subscribed to her blog!

But there is no symmetry in 5! And I can already feel my writing time being sucked into a black blog hole!  But, I can’t give any of these blogs up…I’m in control…right?

Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah

It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough

You know you’re gonna have to face it,

you’re addicted to blogs.